LINK offers a wide range of solutions. If you are looking for audio, video, presentation, videoconferencing, network or web based solutions, LINK can provide the system that is suited for your application.

Please click on the Big Book of AV to find out more information about products and applications.

LINK will work directly with the client to target need. After needs are defined, we will design a system based on those needs with a budget in mind. Once a system is devised, if needed, LINK will work with architects, engineers and builders to ensure the design will fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of the space. LINK will maintain a close  relationship throughout the Design/Install process. Once installed, we will program and activate the system with your needs in mind. We will be available for routine maintenance and minor adjustments if needed. All budgets will be managed.


Address:  120 W. State St. #404, Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone:    1-607-882-9254


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